Lucian Aexander LaForgeron

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Travis Page

Name - Lucian LaForgeron

Clan - Mekhet (known amongst the Acolytes as an Agoniste)

Age - Elder, when asked Lucian states he is over 800 years old.

Location- Colorado Springs, Colorado

Known Information - One of the Founders of Colorado Springs. Follower of Ishtar and student of her sacred geometry. As an Agoniste, Lucian has chronicled vast amounts of Kindred history and many an Elder and Ancillae come to him to have their stories chronicled lest torpor dreams steal it away from them.

Content to stay mostly in the shadows and chronicle, he is not overly interested in politics and prefers to allow his actions speak for him.

Those of the Cercle de la Vieille Femme (circle of the Crone) who deal with him know he is always respectful, secretive, and prone to record all of the time. Indeed those who understand him know that he is compelled to do so, and some have learned that he can be given brief respite if told to do so.

Update: May 5-7. Lucian is moving the Archive. His reasons are based on the current political climate of Colorado Springs as well as an unknown entity bent on destroying the kindred of the city.. It may be that VII has shown it's head, or some other nefarius group.


  • Lucian allways frenzies upon hearing the song "Little Boxes."
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